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Vilgax is a Chimera Sui Generis from the planet Vilgaxia. He is the main villain in Ben 10.


Vilgax has a squid like face with tentecles all over. He is green and has different shadings of green on his face. on his shoelders he his thick red vains along with his dark red eyes. He has two green bulbs on the sides of this face that looks like theres liquid inside it. This is probably to help keep him alive because he has been injured so much.

After he crashed his ship he looks all messed up. His arms and legs are all torn apart and he has to spend his time in a healing tube.


We so far have not seen any abillities however he does have drones to do all of his work for him so he could be really smart in creating robots.

Ben 10[]

He first appears in And Then There Were 10. He was taking down xylenes ship trying to get the Omnitrix however when he shot her ship down he failed to retrieve it and his ship got hit. Later in the episode we see him in a healing tube of some kind and hes all messed up. During the episode he is sending more and more robots to get the Omnitrix but they keep getting destroid by Ben 10.