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tinkfly is a Lepidopterran from the planet Lepidopterra. He is Bens 7th transformation who first appeared in Washington B.C.


Stinkfly is a bug like alien. He is big and green. He has two main arms and four sharp leggs. He has a white and black design on his blody like what Ben usually wears. His Omnitrix symbol his on his black head which looks like his one big eye. However, he actually has four small eyes two long ones on each side of his face. He also has a razar sharp tail and big wings.


He is very stinky hence the name Stinkfly. He can shoot stink liquid out of his mouth and his eyes. He can also fly with his big wings. He also can cut through enemies with his sharp pointy tail.

Ben 10[]

Stinkflys saves Gwen

He first appeared in the episode Washington B.C. First he goes to save Gwen by attacking the Mutant Bird, after that he goes to save Dr. Kelly from the T-rex and destroys the Transmodulator. He made his second appearance in The Krakken to chase down jonah melville for stealing the krakken eggs.


Ben 10[]