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Heatblast is a Pyronite from the planet Pyros. He is Bens first transformation which appeared in the episode And Then There Were 10.


Heatblast looks like a walking volcano. He has flames all over his body and lava patches on him and his face. His head looks like a big flame with holes for a mouth and eyes.



Heatblast has control to the element of fire. He can shoot flames and create tunnels of fire. He doesnt seem to set anything on fire if he steps on it or touches it accidentally because he can control the flames and how hot it gets.

Ben 10[]

He first appears as the first alien used in And Then There Were 10. He accidentally creates a forest fire from

Heatblast after gwen shoots him with a fire extinguisher

goofing around but then grandpa Max tells him what to do. He makes another fire which burns into the forest fire cancling out both fires. He makes another appearance in Washington B.C. where he is saving people from a burning building. As he tries to help them escape the building there is to much fire so he creates a tunnel of fire going from the window to the grouund so they can saftly travel out of the building.


Ben 10[]