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Four Arms is a Tetramand from the planet Khoros. He is Bens 6th transformation and first appeared in Washington B.C.


Four Arms is a big red alien with four massive arms. He has a black stripe going from his for head down his back. He is also wearing the same clothing Ben wears.


His main power is the fact that he is super strong. He can lift a truck with three hands tied behind his back and has an amazing self defence.

Ben 10[]

He first appeared in Washington B.C. in order to save Gwen and Grandpa from the Mutant Mammoth. It was an impressive battle but Four Arms was much stronger. After the fight he saw gwen being taken by the Mutant Birdso he grabbs on and flies up into the air with them. The bird shakes him off and he falls down onto the hard cement and transforms back. He appeared again in The Krakken where hs pretended he was being attacked by a monster to scare gwen but then later was attacked.


Ben 10[]