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Aloysius James Animo is a criminal that appears in Ben 10.


He is an old man with long grey hair. He wears old dirty clothing probably because he cant afford anything.


Dr. animo was once a scientist who was trying to win

Dr. Animo when he was young on the computer

an award with one of his devices. However, he didnt win the award so he was furious and is now attempting to kill his enemy.


He is a very smart old man and he created the device known as the Transmodulator. This device allows him to transform animals into mutants.

Ben 10[]

His first appearance is in the episode Washington B.C. where he takes his Transmodulator and turns many creatures into mutants in order to form an army. His main goal was to kill Dr. Kelly for taking an award that was "rightfully his".

in Washington B.C.


Ben 10[]