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Welcome to the 118011Nick Wiki

This wiki is about the famous cartoon Ben 10!This wiki will have everything that has to do with the show and some of the people who helped create it.

Ben 10

It all started in the episode And Then There were 10, when 10 year old Ben discovers a weird watch like device called the Omnitrix which allows Ben to turn into 10 unique different aliens with special abillities. Ben, his cousin Gwen, and there Grandpa Max spend there summer vacation being heroes and trying to figure out the secrets of the watch.

Ben 10 Alien Force

Now 15 years old, Ben and his cousin Gwen are back but they have a new mission which is to find their grandpa Max and save the world from the highbreed alien invasion. This time they are not alone and have help with their old enemy Kevin Levin.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Ben and Gwen are now 17 with their own drivers lisence and with Kevins help and bens new ultimatrix they need to rescue prisoned aliens from a terrable threat known as Aggregor.

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